5-Pack GardenKraft Solar Powered Fence Lights


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  • This pack of 5 LED solar powered fence lights provide unique decorative illumination to gardens and outdoor spaces
  • Each light is solar powered and harnesses energy in the solar panels atop of each individual light. Attach to a fence with clear access to natural light for best results
  • These solar lights are fully weatherproof meaning once fixed to a fence they will work year-round, with no compromise to quality in wet or cold weather
  • These LED solar lights will react to the sun setting and naturally turn on when dusk sets in. There are no wires attached meaning ease of assembly and no extra cost to you
  • These solar powered LED fence lights are the perfect size to bring some decorative illumination to your outdoor spaces. With no external wiring and an easy set up routine, you’ll bring that touch of excitement to your garden with the greatest of ease
  • These lights harness the suns rays to illuminate outdoor spaces. The solar panels on top of each light store energy and convert that into bright light once the sun goes down. The light is expelled through 2 bright white LED lights that are stored within the light fitting
  • GardenKraft is a specialist provider of outdoor lights, garden ornaments, garden care, outdoor accessories and more. These solar powered fence lights strike the perfect balance between style and practicality
  • These solar powered garden lights come in a box of 5, meaning there’s sufficient lightning to illuminate a long stretch of your outdoor fence panelling The lights harnesses the suns energy from the solar panels on top of each individual light, meaning there’s no extra cost to you for their running
  • The lights are easy to install, and come with all the fittings you’ll need to easily attach them to garden fence posts. The plastic casings are 100% weatherproof, meaning that no water will breach the casing and damage the functionality of the LED lights
  • Each of the 5 individual lights have 2 powerful bright white LED’s inside allowing for maximum illumination of outdoor spaces. The lights are manufactured in a way that means they can sense when the sun starts to set and spring into action automatically once dusk sets in. This gives you peace of mind that your garden will look stunning each night without the need for any extra effort from you
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