Car Scratch Polisher Repair Kit


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  • Goodyear brings you the UK’s first scratch remover solution with rechargeable battery (charges using a mini USB cable which is included)
  • Includes a large 236ML bottle of specially formulated scratch and swirl remover which also restores weathered paintwork like magic 
  • Please note that if your scratch is deep (you can feel it with your nail) then our polisher might reduce the appearance slightly, but it won’t remove the scratch completely, especially if it’s gone through the paint and into the primer i.e. the scratch is deep 
  • The scratch remover helps restore your paintwork by improving scuffs, scrapes, scratches, blemishes and swirl marks
  • The kit includes a scratch remover with rechargeable battery, USB charging cable, Large bottle of specially formulated scratch remover polish, Applicator with sponge, Polishing pad, Brush attachment and a Holder for the polishing machine
  • Professional scratch remover for your home without the high bills of a car body paint repair shop ! The specially formulated polish has micro particles which help to reduce the appearance of light scratches, swirl marks, blemishes and scrapes. When the polish is used with the applicator, it polishes around the scratch which helps smoothen the surface without damaging your paintwork, and you’ll see the scratch disappear like magic
  • The rechargeable applicator is extremely powerful and rotates at a high speed thereby activating the micro particles in the specially formulated polish which helps blend the paint work to reduce the appearance of scratches and leaves your paintwork looking like new. It uses the same technique as that used by professionals at a fraction of the cost
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