Car Trim Door Panel Removal Tool Set


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  • This Mighty Toolware 11 piece, car trim and body moulding removal tool set, includes handy tools that allow you to quickly and easily remove car body mouldings and door panel and upholstery clips without causing damage to them
  • It is manufactured from strong impact resistant nylon which is non-marking and non-scratching
  • Ideal for removing automotive trim, door panels etc
  • Non marking and non scratching
  • Avoids scratching and damaging vehicle paint, leather, chrome and other parts of the car
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Package included:
    • Storage Pouch
    • Wide-Type Remover
    • Pull-Type Remover
    • Angled Clip Panel Remover
    • Handy Remover
    • Narrow-type Remover
    • Upholstery Clip Remover
    • Fork Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
    • Panel Remover
    • Blunt Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
    • Sharp Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
    • Clip Panel Remover
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