Conical Garden Plant Pot Support Rings


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• QTY 1x Height 45cm – £9
• QTY 1x Height 75cm – £10
• QTY 1x Height 90cm – £11
• QTY 2x Height 45cm – £12
• QTY 2x Height 75cm – £13
• QTY 2x Height 90cm – £14
• QTY 3x Height 45cm – £15
• QTY 3x Height 75cm – £16
• QTY 3x Height 90cm – £17
  • Available in 3 different rod length sizes: 45cm / 75cm / 90cm so you can place all around your garden for different types of plants 
  • Perfect for supporting tall flowers as well as produce
  • Ideal for long stemmed plans 
  • Each pack contains supporting surround of rings, these help plants by allowing them to latch on and assist the plant in growing upwards 
  • Differing height sizes allows support depending on different stages of a plants life
  • Aluminium and green plastic construction
  • They will provide maximum plant support in border flower beds or in containers
  • Made from durable green plastic coated steel, the poles stretching down the unit are fastened in place by the surrounding rings. The poles reach down past the rings to allow the support to be secured into the ground. They also double as a stake and can simply be pushed into any suitable ground
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